Collecting data with Trackers and Webhooks

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Client Sessions

You can optionally decide to include Client Sessionization. This object will keep track of your users sessions and can be configured to timeout after a certain amount of inactivity. Activity is determined by how often events are sent with the Tracker – so you will need to send events to keep the current session active.

ClientSession client_session("sp.db", 5000, 5000, 2500);
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NOTE: The database path used here must be the same as the one used in the Emitter.

Argument NameDescriptionRequired?
db_nameDefines the path and file name of the databaseYes
foreground_timeoutThe timeout when the app is in focusYes
background_timeoutThe timeout when the app is backgroundedYes
check_intervalThe time between checksYes

All timing metrics are configured in milliseconds.

To set the background/foreground state you will need to detect this and then set this on the ClientSession object like so:

client_session.set_is_background(true || false);
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