Referrer Parser Enrichment


The referer parser enrichment uses the Snowplow referer-parser to extract attribution data from referer URLs. You can provide a list of internal subdomains which will be treated as “internal” rather than unknown.


In order to help understand traffic patterns to your website, knowing which sites refer users is very much a staple of analytics. The referrer parser enrichment takes the value of the referring URL and matches it against the company/site it belongs to.

This is particularly useful when looking for specific traffic from search engine providers or social networks as an example. Rather than scouring a full referrer URL list this enrichment adds an additional field so you can look at reports that combine sub-domains from some of the bigger referrers.


Google is a dominant global referrer with many sub-domains and localized sites. In the referrer database there are over 400 domains attributed to Google.

Example domains:

To allow for more simplified reporting, this enrichment classifies all domains from Google as coming from the referrer: Google. Therefore it’s easier to see session or user counts or other dimensions against the over-arching referrer.