IP Anonymization Enrichment


The IP anonymization enrichment lets you anonymize the IP addresses found in the user_ipaddress field by replacing a certain number of octets with “x”s. For example, anonymizing one octet would change the address to 255.255.255.x, and anonymizing three octets would change it to 255.x.x.x.

If you’d like help setting up or configuring this or any other enrichment please reach out to support@snowplowanalytics.com.


When web users navigate to your website or app, their device makes a request for your content. In that request is their unique IP address. Although IP addresses can be dynamic and assigned by internet service providers, some data collectors would rather not store full IP addresses as in some cases these can be used to identify individual users.

The IP anonymization enrichment allows you to decide how many of the octets should be anonymized and then stores the IP address without the specified number of octets.


  • Level of octets set to anonymize: 2.
  • User browses your site with IP:
  • Value stored in the database under the user_ipaddress field: 192.168.x.x.