API Request Enrichment


The API Request Enrichment lets you perform dimension widening on a Snowplow event via your own or third-party proprietary http(s) API.


This enrichment gives you the flexibility to add additional data points for your events by pulling in data from other sources. Using a common key like a user ID or an email address for example, you might be able to add relevant information about a user to each event before it gets written to your database.

The configuration for this enrichment is all about connecting to your data source and fetching the relevant data points you want to enrich your events with.

To read more detail about this enrichment go here.

If you’d like support in setting up or configuring this enrichment please contact us at support@snowplowanalytics.com.


Have a look at our Clearbit Integration example for a detailed look at how to use this powerful enrichment. Clearbit is a subscription service which provides products and data APIs for contact enrichment, lead generation, financial compliance, and more.