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Querying your Try Snowplow data

Accessing your data

Try Snowplow creates a Postgres database where any events you capture are stored. This database contains the standard Snowplow schemas: atomic (for raw data), bad_rows (for data that has failed pipeline validation) and derived (for modeled tables).

Details for accessing this data are available in the Try Snowplow console. You will also need the login username and password you created when installing your infrastructure.

Forgotten database login details?

Your database login details were set during the install process, they are not the details that you use to login to the dashboard.

If you have forgotten these details, follow our guide to reset them.

Querying your data

Like Snowplow Insights, Try Snowplow encourages you to connect your your BI or query tool of choice to access the database and query your data.

You can either copy a sample query from the console tutorial, check out the Recipes or start exploring your data with your own queries.