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Version compatibility matrix

Historically, most of Snowplow’s Open Source estate was hosted within a single monorepository, holding the whole history of changes back to inception in 2012. In order to become more flexible and be able to release more regularly, we have since split the monorepository into individual repositories, each containing code for a single application.

One of the benefits of the monorepository and the ‘big bang’ releases was compatibility assurance. To continue to provide this assurance following our final umbrella release of R119, we have created the below. This matrix will continue to be updated with the latest versions of each component that are compatible with one another and which we recommend deploying.

Please note, the x indicates that we recommend always being on the latest patched version. Please watch Discourse or the individual repositories for updates!

Recommended Stack


Stream CollectorEnrichEMR ETL RunnerElasticSearch LoaderS3 LoaderRDB LoaderSnowflake Loader


Stream CollectorEnrichGCS LoaderBigQuery Loader

We hope that the above provides clarity on our recommended stack, however if you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us on discourse.