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Run the RDB loader

The RDB loader is published on Docker Hub

docker pull snowplow/snowplow-rdb-loader:1.2.0

It is configured by providing a base-64 encoded configuration hocon and a iglu resolver on the command line:

docker run \
  snowplow/snowplow-rdb-loader- \
  --iglu-config ewogICJzY2hlbWEiOiAiaWdsdTpjb20uc25vd3Bsb3dhbmFseXRp .... \
  --config ewogICJuYW1lIjogIkFjbWUgUmVkc2hpZnQiLAog ....

The config options are format are described in the configuration reference.

Please pay attention that schemas for all self-describing JSONs flowing through RDB Loader must be hosted on Iglu Server 0.6.0 or above. Iglu Central is static registry and if you use Snowplow-authored schemas – you need to upload all schemas from there as well.