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2.2.0 Upgrade Guide

Starting from the 2.2.0 release we started publishing three different flavours of the docker image.

  • Pull the :2.2.0 tag if you only need GZip output format
  • Pull the :2.2.0-lzo tag if you also need LZO output format
  • Pull the :2.2.0-distroless tag for an lightweight alternative to :2.2.0
docker pull snowplow/snowplow-s3-loader:2.2.0 docker pull snowplow/snowplow-s3-loader:2.2.0-lzo docker pull snowplow/snowplow-s3-loader:2.2.0-distroless

We removed LZO support from the standard image, because it means we can more easily eliminate security vulnerabilities that are brought in from a dependency on hadoop version 2.

The “distroless” docker image is built from a more lightweight base image. It provides some security advantages, because it carries only the minimal files and executables needed for the loader to run.