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Iglu Central

Iglu Central is a public repository of JSON Schemas hosted by Snowplow Analytics.

As far as we know, Iglu Central is the first public machine-readable schema repository – all prior efforts we have seen are human-browsable directories of articles about schemas (e.g. schema.org).

Think of Iglu Central as like RubyGems.org or Maven Central but for storing publically-available JSON Schemas.

Technical architecture

Under the hood, Iglu Central is built and run as a static Iglu repository, which is simply an Iglu repository server structured as a static website serving its whole content over http, and is hosted on Amazon S3.


The deployment process for Iglu Central is documented on this wiki in case a user wants to setup a public mirror or private instance of Iglu Central.

Iglu Central is available for view at http://iglucentral.com. Although Iglu Central is primarily designed to be consumed by Iglu clients, the root index page for Iglu Central links to all schemas currently hosted on Iglu Central.

Self Hosting Iglu Central schemas

The schemas for Iglu Central are stored in GitHub, in snowplow/iglu-central.

Some components of Snowplow require an Iglu Server, and a static repo will not work. This means you’ll want to host a mirror of Iglu Central. You can mirror Iglu Central using igluctl:

git clone https://github.com/snowplow/iglu-central cd iglu-central igluctl static push --public schemas/ http://CHANGE-TO-MY-IGLU-URL.elb.amazonaws.com 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Code language: PHP (php)

For further information on Iglu Central, consult the Iglu Central setup guide.