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Install Stream Enrich

1. Dependencies

You will need version 8 (aka 1.8) of the Java Runtime Environment installed.

2. Obtaining

You can choose to either:

  1. Use a docker image, or:
  2. Compile it from source and use a jar file

2.1 Getting a docker image

The recommended way of using Stream Enrich is via Docker. You can obtain the image from dockerhub:

$ docker pull snowplow/stream-enrich-$PLATFORM:latest

Where targeted $PLATFORM can be one of:

  • kinesis
  • kafka
  • nsq
  • stdin

2.2 Compile from source

Alternatively, you can build it from the source files. To do so, you will need Java Runtime Environment 8+ and sbt installed.

To do so, clone the Snowplow Enrich repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/snowplow/enrich.git

Use sbt to resolve dependencies, compile the source, and build an assembled fat JAR file with all dependencies.

$ sbt "project $PLATFORM" assembly

Where targeted $PLATFORM can be one of:

  • kinesis
  • kafka
  • nsq
  • stdin

The JAR file will be saved as snowplow-stream-enrich-$PLATFORM-[version].jar in the $PLATFORM/target/scala-2.12 subdirectory – it is now ready to be deployed.