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Artifact repositories

As part of our commitment to a loosely-coupled architecture for Snowplow, where possible we extract Snowplow functionality into standalone code components and libraries, which you can use in your own software development – even if you’re not using Snowplow.

We publish these code components and libraries to the following artifact repositories:

  1. RubyGems.org – for all Ruby libraries
  2. maven.snplow.com – for all Java, Scala and Clojure libraries

To take each in turn:


RubyGems.org is the Ruby community’s gem hosting service. You can find all of our published libraries listed under our snowplow username.

Available libraries

Current libraries are:

  1. referer-parser – extracts search marketing attribution data from referrer URLs (GitHub repo)
  2. Infobright Loader – our data loader for Infobright (GitHub repo)

Using in your project

Add an appropriate line to your application’s Gemfile, for example:

gem 'referer-parser'
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And then execute:

$ bundle


maven.snplow.com is our self-hosted Maven repository, where we publish jars for Java, Scala and Clojure libraries.

Available libraries

There are three currently:

  1. Scala Util – reusable Scala code from Snowplow Analytics
  2. RefererParser – referer URL parsing in Java/Scala
  3. Scala MaxMind Geo-IP – Scala wrapper for the MaxMind Java Geo-IP library

Using in your project


Add this repository to your SBT config:

val snowplow = "Snowplow Analytics Maven repo" at "http://maven.snplow.com/releases/"
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Add this into your project.clj for Leiningen:

:repositories [["Snowplow Analytics Maven repo" "http://maven.snplow.com/releases/"] ...]
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Following code can be merged into your HOME/.m2/settings.xml to be able to use this repository:

<settings> <profiles> <profile> <!-- ... --> <repositories> <repository> <id>com.snowplowanalytics</id> <name>Snowplow Analytics</name> <url>http://maven.snplow.com/releases</url> <releases> <enabled>true</enabled> </releases> <snapshots> <enabled>true</enabled> </snapshots> </repository> </repositories> </profile> </profiles> </settings>
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See also

As well as these repositories for Snowplow code components and libraries, the Snowplow Analytics team also provide public hosting for some of the Snowplow sub-components.

Please see the Hosted assets docs page for more information.