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Enrich and transform your data

Snowplow’s out-of-the-box enrichments allow you to add richness, such as geography, browser, operating system or campaign parameters, as well as the ability to enrich your data against your own 1st party of 3rd party data sets.

By default, the following enrichments are enabled by default in the Quick Start Enrich module:

Our full suite of enrichments & transformations can be enabled. To enable an enrichment, such as the IP anonymisation enrichment:

  • Follow these instructions, updating the anonOctets and anonSegments according to the number of octets/ segments that you would like to be anonymised
  • Run terraform apply
  • Now when you query your events you should find that the user_ipaddress has been anonymised

Note that the IAB and IP Lookups enrichments require a 3rd party database to function. 

To disable any enrichment, you can follow these instructions.

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