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Feature Comparison

FeatureSnowplow Open Source Quick StartSnowplow Open SourceSnowplow BDP
Hosted in your own cloudAWS, GCPAWS, GCPAWS, GCP
First party server cookiesyesyesyes
Unlimited sourcesyesyesyes
Custom events & entitiesyesyesyes
Custom enrichments & transformationsyesyesyes
Out-of-the-box data models for BigQuery, Redshift & Snowflakeno
(currently Postgres only)
Load data into warehousePostgres
(BigQuery coming soon)
Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, PostgresRedshift, Snowflake, BigQuery
Load data to lakeS3 S3, GCSS3, GCS
Data available in-streamKinesis, PubsubKinesis, Pubsub, Kafka (alpha)Kinesis, PubSub, Azure Event Hubs, Kafka
(required to set this up yourself)
(required to set this up yourself)

Community support via Discourse yesyesyes
24×7 Technical Supportnonoyes
* Collector uptime
* Latency
* Support response
Implementation & on-boarding workshopsnonoyes
Managed upgradesnonoyes
Tracking, schema design, data modelling workshops & expertisenonoyes
Dedicated Customer Success team & strategic supportnonoyes
Data structures workflow tooling & APInonoyes
Data Quality monitoring dashboard & APInonoyes
Data Modelling workflow toolingnonoyes
Pipeline configuration UInonoyes
Jobs monitoring dashboardnonoyes
Managed security & compliancenonoyes
Surge protectionnoyesyes
Outage protectionnonoyes
Cross-cloud data deliverynonoyes