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What is Snowplow Open Source?

Snowplow Open Source is an event data collection platform for data teams who want to manage the collection and warehousing of data across all their platforms and channels, in real-time.

Snowplow is a complete, loosely coupled platform that lets you capture, store and analyse granular customer-level and event-level data:

  • Drill down to individual customers and events
  • Zoom out to compare behaviours between cohorts and over time
  • Join web analytics data with other data sets (e.g. CRM, media catalogue, product catalogue, offline data)
  • Segment your audience by behaviour
  • Develop recommendations and personalisations engines

Snowplow has been technically designed to:

  • Give you access, ownership and control of your own web analytics data (no lock in)
  • Be loosely coupled and extensible, so that it is easy to add e.g. new trackers to capture data from new platforms (e.g. mobile, TV) and put the data to new uses