Getting started on Snowplow Open Source

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  4. Setup Snowplow Open Source on GCP
  5. Setup Validation and Enrich (GCP)
  6. Run Snowplow Enrich PubSub

Run Snowplow Enrich PubSub

The docker container can be run with the following command:

docker run \ -it --rm \ -v $PWD:/snowplow \ -e GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/snowplow/snowplow-gcp-account-11aa55ff6b1b.json \ snowplow/snowplow-enrich-pubsub:latest \ --enrichments /snowplow/enrichments \ --iglu-config /snowplow/resolver.json \ --config /snowplow/config.hocon
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Above assumes that you have following directory structure:

  1. GCP credentials JSON file
  2. enrichments directory, (possibly empty) with all enrichment configuration JSONs
  3. Iglu Resolver configuration JSON
  4. Enrich PubSub configuration HOCON