Getting started on Snowplow Open Source

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  5. Setup Validation and Enrich (GCP)
  6. Run Beam Enrich

Run Beam Enrich

The docker container can be run with the following command:

docker run \ -v $PWD/config:/snowplow/config \ -e GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/snowplow/config/credentials.json \ # if running outside GCP snowplow/beam-enrich:latest \ --runner=DataFlowRunner \ --project=project-id \ --streaming=true \ --zone=europe-west2-a \ --gcpTempLocation=gs://location/ \ --job-name=beam-enrich \ --raw=projects/project/subscriptions/raw-topic-subscription \ --enriched=projects/project/topics/enriched-topic \ --bad=projects/project/topics/bad-topic \ --pii=projects/project/topics/pii-topic \ #OPTIONAL --resolver=/snowplow/config/iglu_resolver.json \ --enrichments=/snowplow/config/enrichments/

This assumes that you have a config folder containing your resolver and your enrichments (as well as your GCP credentials if you’re running Beam Enrich outside of GCP) in the current directory.

Alternatively if you compiled it from source, Beam enrich can be run directly:

./bin/snowplow-beam-enrich \ --runner=DataFlowRunner \ --project=project-id \ --streaming=true \ --zone=europe-west2-a \ --gcpTempLocation=gs://location/ \ --job-name=beam-enrich \ --raw=projects/project/subscriptions/raw-topic-subscription \ --enriched=projects/project/topics/enriched-topic \ --bad=projects/project/topics/bad-topic \ --pii=projects/project/topics/pii-topic \ #OPTIONAL --resolver=iglu_resolver.json \ --enrichments=enrichments/

You can also display a help message which will describe every Beam Enrich-specific options:

./bin/snowplow-beam-enrich --runner=DataFlowRunner --help

Tests and debugging


The tests for this codebase can be run with sbt "project beam" test.


You can run the job locally and experiment with its different parts using the
SCIO REPL by running sbt repl/run.