Getting started on Snowplow Open Source

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  4. Setup Snowplow Open Source on GCP
  5. Setup the Snowplow collector
  6. Run the collector as a single instance VM in GCP

Run the collector as a single instance VM in GCP

To run the collector on a single GCP instance, you’ll first need to spin one up:

  • Go to the GCP dashboard, and once again, make sure your project is selected.
  • Click the hamburger on the top left corner, and select Compute Engine, under Compute
  • Enable billing if you haven’t (if you haven’t enabled billing, at this point the only option you’ll see is a button to do so)
  • Click “Create instance” and pick the apropriate settings for your case, making sure of, at least the following:
    • Under Access scopes, select “Set access for each API” and enable “Cloud PubSub”
    • Under Firewall, select “Allow HTTP traffic”
    • Optional Click Management, disk, networking, SSH keysUnder Networking, add a Tag, such as “collector”. (This is needed to add a tagged Firewall rule, explained below)
  • Click the hamburger on the top left corner, and click on “VPC Network”, under Networking
  • On the sidebar, click on “Firewall rules”
  • Click “Create Firewall Rule”
  • Name your rule
  • Under Source filter pick “IP ranges” and specify “” (to allow traffic from everywhere)
  • Under Protocols and ports add “tcp:8080”
    • Note that 8080 is the port assigned to the collector in the configuration file. If you choose another port here, make sure you change the config file
  • Under Target tags add the Tag with which you labeled your instance (here collector)
  • Click “Create”
  • Now create a Google Cloud Storage bucket that will host the configuration file for the collector
  • Then click “Upload Files” and upload your configuration file

Once you have your config file in place, ssh into your instance:

$ gcloud compute ssh your-instance-name --zone your-instance-zone

And then run:

$ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get -y install default-jre $ sudo apt-get -y install unzip $ wget<VERSION>.zip $ gsutil cp gs://<YOUR-BUCKET-NAME/<YOUR-CONFIG-FILE-NAME> . $ unzip snowplow_scala_stream_collector_google_pubsub_<VERSION>.zip $ java -jar snowplow-stream-collector-google-pubsub-<VERSION>.jar --config <YOUR-CONFIG-FILE-NAME>
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