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Snowplow Tag Configuration

Collector URL (Required)

Set this to the URL of your Snowplow Collector you wish to send events to

Cookies Settings

If you have configured your Snowplow collector to have different cookie details, you should ensure they match here.

Name (Required)

This value must match the value of your Collector cookie name, this will allow the Snowplow Tag to find and return your Collector Cookie back to your users browser.

If you’d like to overwrite your collectors cookie settings you can do that here.

Domain Override

To return a cookie with a different domain value than your collector, you can override it to another string here. “auto” will ensure the value is unchanged.

Path Override

This will override the path value of the cookie.

SameSite Override

This will override the SameSite flag on the cookie.

Expiration Override in Seconds

Allows the expiration time of the cookie to be altered. This value is in seconds, and defaults to 63072000 (2 years).


Overwrites the HttpOnly flag on the cookie. Will be true if enabled, or false if disabled.


Overwrites the Secure flag on the cookie. Will be true if enabled, or false if disabled. Setting this to false and SameSite to None will prevent browsers from being able to store the cookie.

Advanced Event Settings

Define events to be sent as Snowplow Self-Describing Events

Enable this to allow custom self-describing event definitions.

Event Name to Schema

A table of the events (event names and corresponding schemas) to be tracked as custom self-describing Snowplow events.

Add events which you would like to capture and convert into Self Describing Events. The Event Name should equal the Clients event_name property, if this is found when the Snowplow Tag fires, this tag will create a Self Describing Event using the specified schema.

Event Definitions

A table of definitions for self-describing data properties. Each row maps a single data property of a custom self-describing Snowplow event to its value.

For each Event, you can also read properties off the client event object and add them as properties to the Self Describing Event.

Send selected events as Snowplow Structured Events

Enable this to allow setting custom Structured Events.

Event name(s) selected

Add the event names (in separate lines) to be tracked as custom structured Snowplow events.

Base64 encoding

Whether to encode the custom self-describing event data in base64.

Platform identifier

When a platform is not specified on the event, this value will be used.