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Cookie Extractor enrichment


One powerful attribute of having Snowplow event collection on your own domain is the ability to capture values in first-party cookies set by other services such as ad servers or content management software (CMS).


This enrichment lets you specify specific values you would like to extract from cookies that are being set on your domain; each extracted name/value pair will end up in a derived context in your warehouse via the org.ietf/http_cookie/jsonschema/1-0-0 json schema.

By capturing these cookie fields set by third parties on your domain, you can potentially use the identifiers to better identify users of your site.

This enrichment is only available to customers with Realtime pipelines as it requires the Scala Stream Collector. Also you can only capture cookie values from cookies set on the same domain as your Snowplow collector.

To configure which cookie parameters you want to capture specify the name of the key in the configuration file.

If you’d like more help with this enrichement please contact us at support@snowplowanalytics.com. See the more details on this enrichement here.


{ "schema": "iglu:com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow\/cookie_extractor_config\/jsonschema\/1-0-0", "data": { "name": "cookie_extractor_config", "vendor": "com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow", "enabled": true, "parameters": { "cookies": [ "sp" ] } } }

This default configuration is capturing the Scala Stream Collector’s own “sp” cookie value – in practice you would probably extract other more valuable cookies available on your company domain.