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Campaign Attribution enrichment


The campaign attribution enrichment lets you choose which querystring parameters will be used to generate the marketing campaign fields mkt_mediummkt_sourcemkt_termmkt_content, and mkt_campaign. If you do not enable the campaign attribution enrichment, those fields will not be populated.


Often when using online marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website it is best practice to append the URL in an advertisement or paid search link with additional parameters in the query string to identify the particular campaign, channel, medium and more.

The campaign attribution enrichment works to take existing campaign parameters set in URL query strings and put the values into Snowplow fields. The most common use case for this enrichment is for use with Google campaign parameters such as utm_sourceutm_mediumutm_channel and more. Version 1-0-1 of this enrichment supports picking up ad networks like AdSense by collecting the ‘gclid’.

Full specifications of this enrichment can be found here.

If you’d like help with configuration of this enrichment please reach out to support@snowplowanalytics.com.


When creating a link for an online advertisement that brings users back to your site you might use a link like:


When the user lands on your page, the Snowplow tracker will parse the utm parameters and the campaign enrichment will place those values into Snowplow fields as such:

mktSource = influencer mktMedium = blog mktChannel = web mktCampaign = spring_offer