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The Snowplow Ruby Tracker is compatible with Ruby versions 2.1+, including 3.0+.

To make the Snowplow Ruby Tracker work with as many different Ruby programs as possible, we have tried to keep external dependencies to a minimum. There are only two external dependencies currently:

  • contracts – Ruby package that allows one to declare constraints on function parameters and return values.
  • webmock – HTTP library used to stub requests for testing.

These dependencies can be installed from the package manager of the host system or through RubyGems.


The Snowplow Ruby Tracker is published to RubyGems, the Ruby community’s gem hosting service. This makes it easy to either install the tracker locally, or to add it as a dependency into your own Ruby app.


To install the Snowplow Ruby Tracker locally:

$ gem install snowplow-tracker

To add the Snowplow Tracker as a dependency to your own Ruby gem, edit your gemfile and add:

gem 'snowplow-tracker'
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If you’d like to learn more about Snowplow Insights you can book a demo with our team, or if you’d prefer, you can try Snowplow technology for yourself quickly and easily.