Collecting data with Trackers and Webhooks

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GA Cookies

If this plugin is used, the tracker will look for Google Analytics cookies (specifically the “__utma”, “__utmb”, “__utmc”, “__utmv”, “__utmz”, and “_ga” cookies) and combine their values into an event context which gets sent with every event.


  • npm install @snowplow/browser-plugin-ga-cookies
  • yarn add @snowplow/browser-plugin-ga-cookies
  • pnpm add @snowplow/browser-plugin-ga-cookies


import { newTracker, trackPageView } from '@snowplow/browser-tracker'; import { GaCookiesPlugin } from '@snowplow/browser-plugin-ga-cookies'; newTracker('sp1', '{{collector_url}}', { appId: 'my-app-id', plugins: [ GaCookiesPlugin() ], });
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)


Adding this plugin will automatically capture the following context:


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