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Third Party CDN Hosting

Snowplow CDN

The Snowplow CDN for JavaScript Assets will be shut down on 31st January 2021. All assets loaded from will stop working on that date. If you are using assets from the Snowplow CDN, this means your Snowplow tracking will stop working unless you take action.

As an alternative we have made all of our assets available on the jsDelivr and cdnjs CDNs. More information on how to migrate is available below.

Beginning on 1st December 2020 we plan to automatically redirect requests for some of the more popular versions of the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker to the jsDelivr CDN. This plan may change depending on the level of activity on our CDN at this time, but if you’re concerned about the impact of a redirect on your implementation we highly recommend making the switch before this date.

We announced in September 2019 that we would stop updating the Snowplow CDN for new JavaScript tracker releases from v2.10.2. We made this change as we wanted Snowplow users to control the location of where their JS assets are being loaded from, this is deemed best practice as it gives you full control over the JavaScript that is executing on your website, removing any potential security risk. However, this has posed a hurdle for many, making trying out Snowplow and testing new versions harder as you needed to find somewhere to host sp.js.

Hosting sp.js

Whilst we’re offering CDN options, Snowplow does not recommend using third party providers for hosting JavaScript assets that you use on your websites. We encourage all users to host sp.js on their own servers, and this will always be the recommended best practice.

If you wish to follow our recommended best practices, please follow our guides for hosting sp.js on AWS or GCP.

jsDelivr CDN

All Snowplow JavaScript assets available via the jsDelivr CDN. Click the link below to explore the available assets:

Snowplow on jsDelivr

Migrating to jsDelivr

If you are currently using:
you will need to switch to:

The latest version is also available here:

cdnjs CDN

The Snowplow JavaScript Tracker and Snowplow GA Plugin are available via the cdnjs CDN.

Snowplow JavaScript Tracker on cdnjs

Snowplow GA Plugin on cdnjs

Migrating to cdnjs

If you are currently using:
you will need to switch to:

The latest version is also available here: